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8. Acceleration



Acceleration <initial>
 Start running when the starter’s gun is fired as shown in Figure 1. Remember to swing your arms fully back and forth, but take care not to completely straighten your arm on the backward stroke.
 Your upper body should be at 45° at the start, and you should gradually come upright over the first 20 or 30 meters as shown in Figures 1 through 4.
Take care not to pop your head or body up suddenly.



Acceleration <secondary>
 It is said that speed is determined by stride and pitch; this theory holds that the larger the stride and faster the pitch, the greater the speed. This is, however, all talk and not actually possible.
 Therefore, two-dimensional theories like stride method and pitch method will not be discussed here.
Upper Body
 Your upper body should be angled slightly forward as shown in Figures 1 through 4.
 Swing your arms fully forward and back. Starting with your right arm swung back, bring the arm forward making sure your elbow is bent to 90°or a slightly tighter angle as shown in Figure 2. On the backward stroke, the elbow will naturally start to open when your fingers reach the closest point to the ground as shown in Figure 3.
 Remember, though, that the elbow should not be completely straightened; try to keep some slack.
Lower Body
When your foot touches the ground, your lower leg should be perpendicular to the ground as shown in Figure 1. At this time, your upper body should be on the front foot. Your right heel will at this moment come into contact with the ground and create a rebound force away from the ground. This rebound action is the source of propulsive energy.
 The other leg is now on the return stroke. Make a conscious effort not to thrust the thigh upwards and the lower leg forward. The important thing is to push quickly against the ground directly below you when you get the aforementioned rebound as shown in Figures 1 and 3.

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