by Hiroshi Sawamura(澤村 博)

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        updated 2014-10-7

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4. The “Set” Position



Raise and lower your hips a few times.

 To assume the “Set” position, raise your hips. Repeat this movement (i.e., move between the “on your mark” and “Set” positions) a few times, keeping your arms straight. Repeating the movement allows you to fine-tune the position of your hands, front foot and back foot as required. When assuming the “Set” position, it is vital that your front leg is bent to 90° and your rear leg to 135° as shown in the Figure. Check that your hands and feet are not spaced too close or far apart.
 Use tape to mark the position of your front and back feet, then place the starting blocks so that they match the taped position.

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